A Few Things You Should Keep In Mind In PoE SSF

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In Path of Exile, SSF is a feature that marks a character to be unable to interact with other characters, which disables features like trading or partying. There are something important you should remember in SSF.
The most important thing to remember for SSF is: Currency is not money, it is crafting materials! Chaos spamming is generally the best way to get gear if you need it on some specific base. The way to get more chaos orbs poe can also be to buy on the website.
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Constantly editing the filter to show you white bases of that type is also important. You pick up the whites and alch/binding orb them, effectively granting you chaos orb chances for only alchs.
Another very important thing is to remember to pick up any rare item on a decent base, even if the base is not for your current character. Having a stash filled with good items (especially jewellry, which is the hardest to find) makes starting a new character alot easier. 
I usually also save a copy of all uniques that I know has atleast some use in some build, since you never really know what to do next.
Trading chance orbs 4:1 for scours is also a good way to generate scours so you can scour-alch even more stuff. Alt spamming is generally saved for if you need some specific mod (like +2 fire/chaos on a staff or similar) or for flasks/maps.
Wander and bow build seems like two difficult builds to start of SSF with, but whatever works works I guess. I would personally have started off with something less gear intense and more generic, such as sunder, AW totems or like ED.
Regarding the onehanders, elemental 1H builds can be made, but is difficult due to gear requirements being high. Your weapons, however, are not very good for this purpose. When doing ele weapon builds, you would either want a full phys weapon to convert all damage into elemental, or a full elemental weapon. Yours got a little bit of both, making them difficult to scale properly.
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