Currency Loot Makes Path Of Exile Different

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In Path of Exile, what makes Path of Exile different is the introduction of ‘currency loot,' a feature completely unique to the game. 

There are different item rarities in game, including the fact that gear can come in Normal, Magic, or Rare forms. However, there's one more rarity tier above ‘Rare'. Unique items are strewn throughout the game. 


While Magic and Rare are simply modifiers of a normal item, Unique are separate items entirely. They cannot be modified, and they have set stats. While their actual value fluctuates, they will always have the same abilities. 

For example, an Astramentis can have anywhere between a 90 and 116 boost to each of your stats, but it will will always have this effect. The only variable is the range of the boost.

These inherent properties make some Unique items incredibly powerful, and, of course, incredibly expensive. How do you get your hands on Unique items? 

This is where Path of Exile gives players a great opportunity. Most loot-based games feature specific bosses that drop specific items. Path of Exile does do that with some of the end game bosses, but for the most part, items can simply be found anywhere in the world–the more rare the item, the less likely you are to randomly encounter it. 

With a few exceptions, if I want a specific Unique item, my best bet is to simply buy it from another player or keep an eye on poe buy items. Most Unique items in Path of Exile don't have a proper way to farm them, which means you're left with no choice but to purchase them. With several hundred Uniques in the game, the odds of finding the exact one you want are relatively low.

The exception here is Divination Cards. Divination Cards are another drop that, after stacking up a pile (which varies in number depending on the card), you can turn them in for a specific reward. 

These divination cards are zone specific, and sometimes boss specific. In other words, you can farm them if you want to get a certain item. There's quite a bit of randomness built into the cards though. They do give a specific reward, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're guaranteed to get a specific item. 

For example, I can turn in a set of Jack in the Box, and it gives me one random Unique item. That's the most broad example, but many of the rewards ‘give a Unique Axe,' or something similar. Divination Cards give you a much higher change chance of getting the item you want, but you'll still have to get lucky.

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