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Path of Exile is an online RPG action that takes place in the dark fantasy universe of Wraeclast. Check out the beginner's guide to get started.

If you do not know this RPG, as the publisher himself says, the basics of the game are: strong player-to-player economics, advanced class customization, competitive PvP, and leaderboard racing. The game is completely free, and will never be "pay to win".

You hesitate? Rest assured, the game is suitable for everyone, both novices and experienced players. If you take your first steps on the game, this guide is for you!

Now that you are desperately abandoned on the shores of Wraeclast, you will have to gather your spirits. In the Path of Exile, players quickly discover that they will have to adopt a "kill-or-be-killed" mentality if they want to have a chance to survive in the game. On the other hand, for beginners, be careful is the key if you want to progress without addicted to the path of glory. Path of Exile is a ruthless game that leaves no room for imprudence. That being said, knowing some tricks can help you survive as long as possible in these macabre lands, and infested with monsters. By mixing the organization and the acquired skills, you will be ready to play hours.

Put on your helmet, be attentive and take some notes. The Path of Exile is about to begin.

Select the character

The first thing to do is to choose a character that you like while thinking about choosing the one that most respects the way you play, because obviously you want the most beautiful character but you also want to play as you want. In the middle of the fight, do you prefer chopping and slashing where the action is at its peak, or do you prefer to throw devastating projectiles from a distance? Do you prefer to be brutal and strong or think? Take these things into account before going headlong into the carnage.

Below are the characters you can choose from in this bloody adventure:

The Marauder (Strength): Perfect for players who prefer to use brute force, you can hit the ground and smash your enemies through Wraeclast with Marauder muscle mass.

The Ranger (Dexterity): For a more tactical, long-range approach, the Ranger is an extremely skilled fighter who can also wield the sword if needed.

The witch (Intelligence): The witch is a strategic choice, it is a character who can cast very powerful spells and is very intelligent.

The Duelist (Strength and Dexterity): Who said you could only use one kind of attack in the Path of Exile? The Duelist joins brute force and great dexterity.

The Templar (Strength and Intelligence): By fusing the strength of the muscles and brain, the Templar can launch projectiles like a trio of bright balls and a lightning chain of attack.

Shadow (Dexterity and Intelligence): Combining dexterity and intelligence, the shadow combines the best aspects of the witch and the Ranger.

The Scion (Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence): The only character who has these three attributes, the Scion, is the best multi-dimensional character. Unfortunately, you must earn the right to play with it. It becomes available after you have rescued it in the final place of Act 3. Caution: You may suffer paralysis on the skill tree because everything is accessible. Be careful not to want to do everything, in the risk of doing nothing.

Once you've made your decision, you'll just learn the flaws of the character you've chosen, merge your weapons with the good orbs of the Path of Exile and build a passive skill tree that's conducive to the style of game you want to use.

Choose the league

Now that you have chosen your character, you will need to choose a league that best fits your needs and skill level. These leagues embody the worlds of the game where your character will exist. Take into account that these characters can be part of a single league at a time, which also means that you can interact with players in the same league as you.

The leagues in Path of Exile are divided into two: permanent and temporary. Permanent Leagues are also divided into Standard and Hardcore Leagues. Temporary leagues, where the death of the characters has more consequences; if you die in the Hardcore league, you will be moved to the Standard league.

As a rule, the standard league is the perfect place for new players to train. The league Hardcore allows for player differently. The Hardcore league is less popular, so it's harder to play with other people and find exiles to swap with.

Passive skill preferences

It is the appearance of the character that gives all the dynamism of PoE. The fact that the characters are customizable and that it counts for the passive skill tree makes the game more interesting. You evolve your character so that he can hit monsters in the back. Your starting point in the passive skill tree depends on the character you choose. From there, you will need to acquire the skills to survive.

The tree may seem pretty impressive at first, so simplify things. Working clockwise from the top of the tree, you will see the starting points for the Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist, Marauder, Scion and Templar. The character who has all the attributes can be found in the middle of the passive skill tree - a position that makes you want. Every place on the tree is full of passive skills that match the type of character you start with. Which means that you can work to increase the strength of your character, while trying to improve your other skills by covering your weaknesses.

You must learn to walk on all fours before standing up. Remember this before going head-down into PoE. With this information you will have a solid foundation on which to build your experience. With a little research, a training dose and a grain of strategy, even a novice player can quickly climb the levels. Remember these tips to have as much fun as possible on Wraeclast. Now that you are ready, you can press the left button of your mouse. Do you need to fast get Path of Exile currency? If you want to get enough orbs quickly, is a efficient store to provide you with a huge variety of currency trading.

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