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It's not that hard to get Escape from Tarkov money in Hunt: Showdown, but there are plenty of gear options for those looking to spend just a few hunting dollars.

The persistence of weapons in  Hunt: Showdown forces players to manage the economy between excursions to the bay. Each item within the game has a price, and it's not hard to end up running out of money. Purchasing adequate gear on a tight budget can be a daunting task. Still, plenty of weapon combinations are available for players with just a couple of thousand hunting dollars in the bank.



Essentially the essential aspect of saving income is deciding which hunters to hire. Those who are especially low on hunting dollars usually want a free hunter, which is available after every match. Level 1 hunters can also be helpful if their Traits synergize well with their weapons. Personal preference will always come into play in Hunt: Showdown, much like preparing adequate gear in Escape From Tarkov, but you can pick up a free Hunter and use any random weapon that they are almost guaranteed to provide at least some profit.




However, to be truly effective, a few items can be considered essential. Tools and supplies can get unexpectedly expensive if replenished between rounds, but picking up rags, a first aid kit, choke bombs, and two Weak Vitality Shots will only cost $85. Rags are an excellent all-around melee tool, a medkit is always needed, and teammates will appreciate choking bombs. Weak Vitality Shots provide extra healing at a meager price of $10 each. Other available consumables worth considering could be an incendiary bomb to burn downed enemy hunters' weak stamina shot useful for using Hunt: Showdown. Weakness of the boss to certain types of hand-to-hand combat or a quick escape with a reward token.



Hunting: Best Showdown Cheap Weapon Combinations


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Hunting: Showdown In the image above, you can see the most wallet-friendly and effective weapon combination - the Romero 77 paired with a Caldwell conversion pistol. At $34, the Romero is the only sub-$100 shotgun and has more severe damage and more extended effective range than the second-cheapest, the Caldwell Rival 78, making up for its single shell chamber. The $26 Caldwell conversion pistol is only $2 more expensive than the Nagant M1895 and has better damage, effective range, and rate of fire. The entire kit pictured above (including tools and supplies) only costs $145.



If more range is needed without too much price increase or the need to make enemies drop their weapons, the Winfield M1873C is only $41, and its compact ammo capacity will pair with conversion pistols. The $128 Winfield M1873 Swift is a better deal with some forethought. If the Swift can be paired with the leverage trait, it becomes highly effective at close to mid-range, and its high-speed loading is worth the extra money. Alternatively, if close combat is ideal, replacing a full-sized Romero with a Romero 77 Handcannon unlocks a lot of good mid-slot budget items. Winfield M1873C Vandal, Springfield 1866 Compact, and Nagant M1895 Precision can be bought for $35 or less.


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Rifles with cartridges. The long-shot rifles at Hunt tend to be the best weapons in terms of performance, but only two can be considered for those with few hunting dollars: the $122 Martini-Henry IC1 and the $130 Sparks LRR. The main downside is that they only hold one round in the chamber each, so they should be paired with a small slot weapon with a decent fire rate. The game's two double-action revolvers, the Nagant M1895 Officer and Caldwell 92 New Army, fit that criteria, but their respective prices of $96 and $90 are starting to push the boundaries of what can be considered a budget price when combined with the length as mentioned above.

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