How Much Dps You Could Get out of an Animated Guardian in PoE

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I was shocked by what I found, Champion was much stronger than Necromancer with or without Lycosidae, and the strongest weapon was a Frostbreath with Victario's Charity, by a long shot, a very long shot, I was more surprised to find that the Guardian could actually shock enemies up to 5mill hp with the amount of lightning damage it dealt per hit. Don't forget to from to poe currency buy, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

I haven't looked into chaos damage conversion and stacking yet or Wither, but I don't think that either is going to be able to get this high, but possibly. It's not going to be too strong of a bosser, that's for sure, as summoning Animated Weapons would just be not very realistic on most end game bosses, but it could be a fun memey build, and potentially kind of fast at clearing. It is 50 beefed up Animated Weapons that summon themselves afterall, not just the Guardian, and if PoB is correct, each of them have 400k dps. lol Which is pretty good for clearing. That's a combined 20million dps. That's an armada dude, but I'm not sure if it's correct, maybe someone who knows more about PoB can correct this info. Still, with a writhing jar or two, the build could be able to potentially take on some bosses.

The life total and defenses are rather low and it has op jewels so it's likely the practical, non-"hey, that's 20mirrors worth of jewels you got there in your PoB", build would look more like 500k dps with Animated Guardian and 200k dps per Animated Frostbreaths, with two less auras, and way more life, but this was to look at more of the upper end of potential.

Also while Femur's of the saint is the best for damage and survivability for the Animated Guardian, it's important to note that Queen's Escape would most likely be the more practical choice as the 100% increased movement speed it provides the Guardian would likely make for more A.I. competence through faster phasing through incompetence... But at the same time it would still be a 2handed build with no QoTf which means you can only clear at the speed of a quicksilver... so maybe a shield is essential, it probably is.

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