Lost Ark: How to choose the best class of PVE/PVP

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Lost Ark is a new MMO trend with unique concepts and fresh mechanics. The first thing you'll notice is that there are unique classes with different subclasses. We can assist those who are a newbie and ask themselves which course may be ideal. Within this guide, we'll have a look at the most effective classes in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark:  How to choose the best class of PVE/PVP


While all classes are good, some are superior to others. It all depends on your preference and playing style. With that said, let's take a swift to appear at the most effective classes within the Lost Ark.



Lost Ark: what is the best class?

We'll take a look at the best PvE class and PvP classes so you can use them accordingly. Please be aware that future updates may affect this guide as other classes may receive buffs, and those mentioned here may be nerfed. With that in mind, let's find out the best class.



Lost Ark: Best PvE class

First of all, let's talk about PvE. PvE is when you team up with your friends or teammates and take on AI-controlled enemies for those new to the game. In this category, the best class is Bard. This is because Bard can easily heal your entire team. On top of that, you can even buff your team to keep them fighting and facing stronger enemies in the dungeons. However, you will have to play carefully as you don't deal much damage. Stay behind the lines and focus on healing and strengthening your team.


The second-best class is Berserker. Choosing Berserker means you are constantly dealing tons of damage per second. This class is easy to learn - especially for new players - and hard to master. While not the most survivable class, the Berserker can deal tons of damage and move out of combat to heal.



Lost Ark: Best PvP Class

PvP is another important aspect of Lost Ark, and indeed any MMO, for that matter. You will have to fight other characters controlled by the player in this mode. Whether you're fighting them 1v1 or fighting as a team, you'll need a strong class to be the winner. In this regard, Bard is again our number one choice. With unprecedented healing, your team won't fall while you're standing. Also, if you buff your DPS players, they will wipe out the enemy team.


However, if you want to focus on dealing damage to enemies, we suggest choosing Deathblade. This class has insane mobility, and you can also deal good damage. To fully utilize its potential, you must keep moving and attacking your enemies when they least expect it.



These are the best classes for both PvE and PvP. We encourage you to try out as many classes as possible to determine your play style. However, if you want to choose one, choose the ones mentioned in this guide. Let us know which class is your favorite and how you like the game. Of course, if you want to get a better gaming experience, then the currency in the game is an indispensable item. The Lostarkgold website will provide players with the cheap Lost Ark Gold. When you need it, you can visit this website to buy it!

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