Escape from Tarkov: The complete guide to best ammo, type, and choose

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Welcome to this. In Escape from Tarkov, Ammunition selection can be one of the most intimidating challenges facing a new player. It is a fundamental element here and usually becomes a bit complex for novices who must, because when you buy a magazine, usually each one brings its own ammunition making it a bit tedious.

Escape from Tarkov: The complete guide to best ammo, type, and choose

Projectile weight, projectile type, velocity, and other factors all differ, even among loads designed for the same firearm.  For new shooters trying to understand how to properly choose ammo for a specific application, below are explanations for what makes good target/training, personal defense, and hunting loads. Fortunately, Once you understand the various kinds of ammunition available and how they perform, you can easily select ammo to fit your intended purposes. In addition to having money because there are different vendors, so know how to choose the best ammunition to some extent will depend on experience in weapons.

The kind of armor, the targets that have some kind of viewfinder when we shoot, and some specific elements make us really consider, our question that is our goal, How to choose the best ammunition, starting from the importance and power of them because here we are given the possibility to make a certain amount of raids and obviously we must do everything possible because they are successful, so let's see below how to choose them to get enough damage in Escape From Tarkov.


Escape from Tarkov: The Best Ammunition Guide


  • SP7
  • SP8
  • PSV

Kid's SMG weapons are weapons with very, very good harm statistics, so as to get them, it's essential to take Prapor to level 3, although they are commonly fairly useless against armor.The PMM rounds are excellent as well but usually are not compatible with Kedr SMGs. Normally all 9x18mm are useless against armour. However, they have decent harm stats. Get Proper up to level 3 so that you can invest in all of those.



  • PT GZH

This round is pretty considerably only compatible together with the TT pistol and boasts average stats across the board. We advocate taking the TT with GZH rounds as a higher penetration backup should really you run out of ammo for the principal. The LRNPC rounds will dish out greater flesh harm in the event you prefer that. The TT pistol generally has average statistics, and it's excellent to not run out of ammunition when utilizing this weapon, so it truly is ideal to try to find backups within the GZH rounds, despite the fact that the LRNPC bullets can do quite considerable harm if that may be precisely what we are seeking, and to understand ways to pick out the best ammunition we produced this mini-list, highlighting these.



  • AP 6.3
  • Luger CCI

These rounds are employed in a lot of pistols and SMGs - PP19, Saiga-9, MP5, and MPX spring to mind - and are surely worth stocking upon. Typically, they offer extremely low armour penetration but deal decent flesh harm per shot. The AP 6.3 will make the 9x19mm viable against medium armour but is pricey, so the PST GZH is often a strong option if you're on a budget. Prevent the PSO GZH rounds unless you're only going up against flesh bags or are confident within the leg meta. The pistols and SMG- PP19, Saiga 9 MPX are weapons that have the capacity to penetrate the armor, causing damage in the fire rather decently, in addition to becoming an excellent option when it comes to expense since the bullets for them are well suited to budgets, so know how to select the most beneficial ammunition for these weapons is often a really not very complicated challenge in Escape From Tarkovy would be the following.

For those who're making use of an SMG using a significant capacity and high price of fire, the Luger CCI rounds can overwhelm opponents having a hail of gunfire, although dealing reasonable harm and taking out mid-level armour by means of sheer volume.


5.7X28MM FN

  • SS190
  • SS193

Particularly manufactured for the 5-7 pistol and P90 SMG, this round was built with penetration in thoughts. For those who're hunting to defeat armour, you'll choose to use the SS190 rounds, which chew by means of armour, in particular having a lengthy bust in the P90. Yet another selection would be the SS193, which has related statistics but is a subsonic round, meaning that your opponents won't hear a crack from the round.



  • SP13
  • SP10
  • SP11
  • SP12

Understanding how you can opt for the best ammunition is an arduous process if we do not know a great deal about them, so a number of them will only be offered when we handle to classify the Prapor at level 4 to ensure that we can get them and they are especially these in Escape From Tarkov These rounds are a great deal much better against armour than the other choices in this category, but you'll have to have to rank Prapor up to level 4 to buy them. You'll find some cartridges that look to become insignificant, possibly simply because they are not used in superweapons, but nevertheless, they have a tendency to be of phenomenal use, inside the case with the Gyurza SR-1MP, which can be not an extremely cool weapon but could be valuable in causing some harm.

Escape from Tarkov Ammo


.366 TKM

  • EKO
  • FMJ

There's genuinely not a lot variance within this bullet type, but you'll want to stay clear of the Geksa resulting from its abysmal penetration values. These rounds are employed by the Vepr AKM and VPO-209, and we really feel it's vitally vital to point out the EKO is essential in the event you're going to make use of the VPO-209 thanks to its larger armour pen and muzzle velocity stats - it's still not pretty a sniper. The Vepr and VPO- 209 are elements that truly don't present greater variations inside the bullets but ordinarily have some kind of armor with a fantastic speed, though not as formidable as the sniper, and these are the ammunition utilized by them in Escape From Tarkov.



  • 12/70 AP20 Slug
  • 12/70 8.5mm Magnum Buckshot

In the event you aren't fielding the TOZ shotgun, then you're going to become using these 12 gauge shells. Slugs are solid lead projectiles that basically convert your shotgun into a rifle. Hitting somebody with one particular of these will punch via armour nicely and destroy any physique portion you hit. The AP20 slug has the most effective penetration power to make sure you make it by means of armour.

Buckshot is actually a spread of concentrated pellets that may nonetheless give several hits at medium ranges; armour will defeat the pellets easily. The Magnum Buckshot rounds will deal good damage, and if two of the nine projectiles hit an unarmoured physique aspect, it'll be instantly destroyed.


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  • Star Slug
  • Devastator Slug

These chunky twenty gauge shells are only applied within the TOZ-106 at present, but in the event you're going to get a spending budget run, then taking some very good ammo could make this gun perform pretty effectively. The 12/70 Star Slug could be the most effective penetrating round, even though it's still low compared to most other calibers. It makes up for this with massive harm. Should you don't mind dropping your penetration to generally practically nothing, the aptly named Devastator Slug will deal impressive harm to unarmoured body parts.



  • BP
  • PS

You'll discover this round in most of the AK variants, which include the AKM, AK-104, SKS, VEPR, and AK-103. Because of this, you'll likely choose to stock up on these, so generating the appropriate get-in touch with right here is crucial. Normally, these rounds offer terrific armour penetration and flesh damage, so you should be just fine aiming for the thorax. Probably essentially the most important reason why we play Escape From Tarkov is just due to the level of weapons we are able to see and execute here; that is why the AKM, AK-104, SKS, VEPR, and AK- 103 are an extremely attractive variation, 'cause they ordinarily bring about harm towards the flesh in an interesting way, penetrating the armor comfortably, so if we want a strong and rapidly harm, Aiming at the chest will likely be ideal, for this we have to take into account that it could be ideal for making use of complete stress bullet magazines, becoming precisely these weapons exclusive support, due to the fact understanding the best way to decide on the ideal ammunition here is definitely a necessary result in, because of the variety that these weapons have and it is actually precisely this sort of bullets the ideal ones for them. In most cases, you'll want magazines stacked with BP rounds as they may punch by way of practically anybody armour and nevertheless dish out a lot of flesh damage. PS rounds offer slightly much more harm against flesh without the need of also compromising a lot with regards to amur penetration, so look at these as a solid backup.



  • 7N9 SPP
  • 7N12 BP

In Escape From Tarkov, the arms seriously are often varied, right here we are, the AS VAL along with the VSS Vintorez, presented some exceptional variants SPP and BP, these arms are a superb investment when we choose to understand how to pick out the very best ammunition, due to the fact commonly they may be of low expense, but amongst these arms we can even location the SP6, though they are anything difficult to receive inside a great amount, actually they may be beneficial, simply because they are superb arms that can shoot bullets together with the object to cross the medium armors and they may be. Only two guns use this Escape from Tarkov ammo kind: the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez. The SPP and BP variants are fantastic at punching through medium armour and don't take extended to down, but they are extremely costly and tricky to get hold off in substantial quantities, so the SP6 would be the early game solution to go for. 



  • SP13
  • SP10

You'll only be looking for this cartridge in the event you've got an SR-1MP Gyurza. The distinction between the SP10 and SP13 is negligible, but the armour pen drops off a cliff when working with the SP11 and SP12 rounds.



  • AP SX
  • FMJ SX
  • Subsonic SX

Utilized only by the MP7A1 and MP7A2, these rounds provide moderate armour penetration and harm, which, when combined using the weapon's high rate of fire, makes it pretty deadly in close-quarters scraps. Any of those rounds will do the trick, despite the fact that we'd stay away from the Action SX since it delivers pitiful armour penetration stats. The pistols MP7A1 and MP7A2 are weapons that happen to be applied to trigger moderate damage for the armor, and when we are in nearby areas can truly be deadly. These are the ammunition required for them.



  • M61
  • M62

If you believed the AK's 7.62x39mm rounds could tear via armour, then you'll actually get a kick out of its larger brother. Applied across a variety of long-range weapons, which includes the M700, DVL-10, RSASS, M1A, SA-58, and Vepr Hunter, these rounds have no difficulty penetrating larger class armors. If what we are in search of within this game is usually to go through the armour, creating use of long-range weapons, as we bring right here the names of the best rifles for this, clearly they do not need a sizable quantity of bullets, 'but in case you pick out a single which is really highly effective, the models, M700, DVL-10, M1A, SA-58, and ver Hunter, are excellent, and we are able to put this kind of ammunition to them. As they are usually sniper rifle rounds, you don't need to have lots of, so we suggest kitting yourself out with all the incredibly most effective to ensure you see a pink mist as opposed to sparks flying off the armour. The M61 will tear by means of armour, and though the M62 will deal with medium armour with ease, its higher flesh harm stats make it perfect for hunting scavs.

Escape from Tarkov Ammunition Data



  • SNB

One of the greatest calibers accessible to new players, the 7.62x54mmR is often loaded into Mosin, SV-98, and SVDS rifles. If you're applying a scope, then you may well need to choose the 7N1 Sniper rounds as you may spot your shots to avoid armour. Should you're organizing on taking your target down with chest shots, then you definitely choose to use the highest armour penetration rounds where feasible - the SNB does a job on all, however, the toughest armors.



  • SNB

Understanding how you can opt for the best ammunition is an arduous process if we do not know a great deal about them, so a number of them will only be offered when we handle to classify the Prapor at level 4 to ensure that we can get them and they are especially these in Escape From Tarkov. The Mosin, SV-98, 7N1, and SVDS rifles are exceptional weapons in Escape From Tarkov that are utilized to place bullets that serve to penetrate the armor, simply because if our objective is usually to knock down our target by shooting within the chest, they are basically phenomenal, and recognizing the way to pick the top ammunition is normally even better, getting 'precisely these the right ones



  • M995
  • M855
  • Warmage

You've got a whopping nine options in relation to selecting rounds for the M4A1 variants, for instance, the HK 416A5, DT MDR, AK-101, AK-102, and ADAR 2-15. In the event you're a firm believer in the leg meta, then you'll likely favor the 55 HP, Warmage, and MK 255 Mod 0 rounds that deal an eye-watering quantity of flesh damage - the Warmage wins out here, but its armour penetration values are amongst the lowest in the game. In Escape From Tarkov, there is actually an incredibly wide variety of phenomenal weapons exactly where we are able to get the HK 416A5, DT MDR, AK-101, AK102, and ADAR 215; these artifacts are powerful weapons in inflicting damage for the flesh, we are able to differ the ammunition for various damages, an example of this is a round of M995 that serves to target the chest, where the bullet is capable of passing via any armor, becoming probably a single of your most used weapons, around the other hand when the armors are class 4 that's considerably thicker then we are able to take as a solution the M855 ammunition, a single way or one more for these described weapons this sort of ammunition is needed.

In the event you choose to aim for the thorax and simply punch by means of any armour inside your way, then the top solution would be the M955 round, which still falls quickly of the average 7.62x39mm round for armour pen. The M885 is somewhere involving the two - mediocre armour pen but lots of flesh harm. These shred class 4 armour but struggle against something thicker.



  • 7N39
  • BS
  • BT


Shotguns are weapons that we come across in this game and that definitely never require anything else, for the reason that they only use standard bullets or 12 x 70 mm pellets. Being a fantastic complement to the armor, particularly for medium-range combat in Escape From Tarkov. Get oneself some 7N39 rounds and an AK-74, and there's no armour you won't be capable of obliterating. They are pretty expensive and difficult to have held off, so contemplate BS rounds the subsequent most effective thing with BT rounds a close third - they'll deal with class 4 armour but underperform on something better. 

7N39 and AK-74 are precisely one of the most effective weapons when it comes to ammunition, so right here if it really is vital to know Ways to choose the best ammunition, considering the fact that it demands that they've formidable energy, for the reason that they commonly look after the armor class 4, which permits to destroy virtually all sorts of armor in Escape From Tarkov. 


Tip: If you have enough tarkov roubles in the game, it is recommended that you buy the above ammunition.


Lastly, I hope that this guide will help you chose the most effective ammunition varieties for your favorite weapons in the Escape from Tarkov. Each of the greatest Escape from Tarkov ammo kinds for every weapon. For those who're fresh for the game, then check out our how-to escape from Tarkov guide. Likewise, In case you're scouting out certain maps, then check out our walkthrough from the Escape from Tarkov all map guide. Nevertheless, please understand that they are just theoretical information, and there is considerably more for the game than statistics. Should you struggle, even after choosing appropriate ammunition for your weapon, practice, and you'll be at some point able to overcome even the hardest challenges that Escape from Tarkov has in retailer. 

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