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Path of Exile is an action RPG, if you prefer, a Diablo clone that controls a single character from a tilted, top-down view. At the start of the game, you can choose from seven categories of classes, among which most of the known casts of role-playing games: we can be magician, witch, archer, duelist, warrior and so on. Each area is randomly generated except for the central settlement from where we can start to adventures and chop monsters. At the same time, the city changes by chapter, depending on where we are in the story. External zones are so-called instance-territories, so if you enter them, they will be generated by the program, and from now on only our characters and our teammates can be reached. Until now, nothing extra, we might think. Yes, but!


The Path of Exile is truly unique in its ability to break into passive and active skille. From passive points, we get one step at a level step, which is an incredibly complex, mostly similar to a complex printed circuit, which can be placed on the same skill tree for each character class. In this incredibly diverse tree, we can develop character in a million directions, and as we progress in the direction we have set, we get passive abilities useful for our character (greater attack with two-handed swords, better elemental wards, etc.), as well as valuable property points such as strength, intelligence and skill. The "beauty" of the thing is that the passive points that have already been spent are not re-calculated, or can only be very limited. For a mission to be solved, you can get a "retalent" point, so you can move a field back to the skill tree, but it does not really help if you want to change something in our character. That's why we have to think carefully about the direction we want to develop our hero, and it does not seem that this will change in the future as the makers have been determined not to change anything under any pressure.

Apart from our passive capabilities, there are also active ones, which are spells and special attacks for our hero. We know them well from other role-playing games, but in the Path of Exile this is where the creators approached the subject in a very unique way. As we step up, we do not get any new active skills at all, they can only be obtained from the so-called "skill gems" that can be found in the game with the killed opponents or just in crates. There are three types of such stones (red, green, and blue) that can be packed into items of the same color that you can now use with our Q-W-E-R-T keypad shortcut bar. Although there is an incredible amount of abilities in the program, their use is limited by the number of sockets on the objects, as they only work in the correct socket, and the individual crystals are only compatible with a certain type of weapon (for example, buzz or bow). It further complicates the fact that there are passive pebbles that can only be used when placed next to another stone and the two sockets are connected. As a result, the passive will strengthen the active, for example, not only fire, but also lightning waves that shock the opponents.

Particularly interesting is that these crystals are developing with us, so as we get the experience points and move the levels, they become more and more powerful. However, of course, their usage requirement is growing (the higher the level of a stone, the more intelligence, strength, skill and higher levels required for its use), so unless we can use an intelligence crystal at low levels with a fighter (say a fire) it will not evolve after the passage of our hero's heroes, but not to intelligence but to force points.


In addition to the ability system, the subject system has also become interesting. We have already mentioned that there are different colored sockets on the objects where the ability crystals can be packed (otherwise they can be removed at any time). These things (as in any other action-role-playing game) may have different rarity, and their quality is different. This is so familiar to any RPG fan - we get everything we can expect. But there is also a screw here, because there is no currency in the Path of Exile world, so there is no money. There is no gold from which we can buy life buffs or repair the equipment. There are, however, different orbits that can be used to transform our objects. Using these, you can make magical or rare items from simple objects, change the type or binding of the crystal mounts, improve their quality or properties. Virtually these balls are currency in the PoE world, and the players are trading with them.

We can recharge our vitality and the manners we need to use our abilities from our flasks, which can be accessed using the numeric keys in other games. These vials can be as valuable part of our inventory as rare items of equipment, so in addition to helping to avoid death, they also give passive abilities to our hero. The specialty of the bouquets is that they will never be eliminated, since as soon as we clear some bad faces, they immediately begin to replenish, so we can continue to sip the juice in them until we are able to progress and destroy the opponents. The problem begins when we have to hit a vicious genocide who does not have "stuffed" monsters who can rewash our butycos by tapping.


Thanks to its special features, PoE is a very unique, fun game that can only be very difficult to find. It would be good to say that "yes, it's all nice and good, but it's ugly," but that's not true either. The scene is quite gorgeous, lighting, lights, and special effects all look great. Similarly, we can say good things about the story and the dialogues, although in the latter case the synchromic work leaves some hope. We're talking about an incredibly well-crafted creation where almost everything is in place, even its microtransformation system is so friendly that we do not have to spend anything unless we want a completely unique look for our character. Do you need to fast get PoE currency purchase? If you want to get enough orbs quickly, is a efficient store to provide you with a huge variety of currency trading.

We can only enter into one thing, and that is the multiplayer mode. It was embarrassing, in contrast to the co-operative way of Diablo 3, that there is a common loot here, and the life force of monsters is not scaled up in the light of how many of us are in the area. There are no bonus items, if you play more, you can hardly find each other in one area and do not have the convenience features that players now expect. It is a fact that multibans are often driven by the self-interest only to shake off a boss that he could not pass on alone, and then he would go out immediately. Well, there's plenty to polish about that ...

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