Lost Ark: The complete guide to get started easily and quickly

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The MMORPG game that was a big success in Korea in 2018 - Lost Ark, will come to the West Coast in February this year. This game made by SmileGate RPG cares about the hearts of many players. In Lost Ark game, the content is complex, and many new players feel overwhelmed before starting. Consequently, we have prepared a complete guide to assist players in starting quickly with Lost Ark to aid new players in getting the game up and work swiftly and quickly.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to get started easily and quickly





Lost Ark: Gameplay Systems

In the Lost Ark game, you will fight monsters by completing the main quest, dungeons, and certain leveling areas. Every time your character levels up, your expedition level also increases. This is the standard way of progression in RPGs.



Lost ARK: Starting Tips

The maximum character level in Lost Ark is level 50.

  • You can upgrade multiple alt classes while increasing your account level. These are two different levels.
  • You start at level 10 and have unlocked some skills.
  • Focus on the main quest. This is the fastest way to have a good experience.
  • The Lost Ark has a fast travel system called "Tripod". You can travel between set locations on the same continent for a small amount of silver.
  • It is possible to reset techniques at any time for free. So test no matter what established you desire.
  • Other Lost Ark Tips



Lost Ark: What classes does it have?

In Lost Ark, five beginner classes can later evolve into advanced classes.

  • Warrior [Berserker, Paladin, Gunlancer]- Your classic tanker/DPS class. 
  • Martial Artists [Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, Soulfist]: Whether a melee fighter has high mobility and a lot of damage.
  • Gunner [Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, Sharpshooter]: A ranged DPS character that deals a lot of damage.
  • Mage [Bard, Summoner]: The only magic-based class can be chosen between support or DPS playstyles.
  • Assassin [Shadowhunter, Deathblade]: Glass Cannon DPS Melee.


Character Statistics

What does the character data in Lost Ark mean? Well, each character has six main combat stats, and you'll want to kf: now the impact of each of them. The character stats in Lost Ark are:



  • Increases the chance of a critical strike, dealing additional damage. This is a core DPS PvE stat.



  • Increases bonuses and damage of status skills and ultimate skills. You may want to make this your first or second priority statistic depending on your class.
  • Increases base skill damage by a percentage



  • Increases damage to pushed or debuffed enemies
  • Increases damage dealt with deranged enemies



  • Increases attack speed and movement speed
  • Reduce skill cooldown



  • Increase physical defense and magic defense
  • Increases shields and healing (if applicable)


Professional knowledge

  • Increases the duration of debuffs you cast
  • Decreases the time of debuffs cast on you
  • Added stagger damage bonus


All combat stats affect how much damage you deal and your survivability. If you're interested in optimizing your build to maximize the two basic stats of attack power and max health, be sure to check out the guides for your specific class.



Lost Ark: Currency Guide

Just like any other MMO, Lost Ark is full of currency. The main in-game currency is Lost Ark Gold, but other currencies are also essential items. Lost Ark primary currency in this game the currency you'll find most often when trading with NPCs, other players, or the Cash Shop. There are tons of distinctive factors it is possible to use to acquire a thing, and they're all distinctive.



  • Use: Blue Crystals, Skins, and other Cash Shop Items.
  • Source: Bought with real money in the Cash Shop


Blue Crystals: 

  • Use: Paid Subscription, Skins, Traded for Gold, Mari's Secret Shop
  • Source:
    • Bought with crystals
    • Exchanged for Gold
    • Account Level rewards



  • Use: Auction House Items, Upgrading gear, Blue Crystals
  • Source:
    • Una Dailies
    • Exchanged for Blue Crystals
    • Rapport
    • Auction House
    • other endgame content


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  • Use: Materials, in-game vendors, repairing gear
  • Source:
    • Una Dailies
    • Chaos Dungeons
    • Cubes
    • other endgame content



  • Use: Tax for Buying gear/accessories in the Auction House Auction House
  • Source:
    • Bought with Blue Crystals
    • Game Events


Pirate Coins

  • Use: Mainly Upgrading your ship, hiring new sailors, housing missions
  • Source:
    • Ship Co-op Quests
    • Adventure Islands
    • Ghost Ships
    • other navigation conten


Harmony Shards

  • Use: Filling XP bar to upgrade/hone gear
  • Source:
    • Chaos Dungeons
    • Dismantling gear
    • Una Dailies
    • Towers
    • other endgame content


Sylmar Crystals

  • Use: Trading for other goods at the Exchange Sylmael Crystal Exchange NPC
  • Source:
    • Participating in Guild Activities
    • Donating Resources to your Guild


Coins of Courage

  • Use: Gear upgrading materials, mounts, titles at the PvP Exchange PvP Exchange NPC
  • Source:
    • Doing PvP content


Sea Coins

  • Use: Exchanging for Pirate Coins, collectibles, or other sailing stuff
  • Source:
    • Sailing Activities
    • Co-Op Sailing Missions
    • Events


Providence Stones

  • Use: Buying Rapport Gift Boxes and Skins at the Exchange Rapport NPC
  • Source:
    • Normal Quests
    • Una Dailies




Lost Ark: Trade skills

Occupations in Lost Ark are called Trade Skills in North America/EU and Life Skills in other regions. "Lost Ark" has a total of 6 trading skills:

  • Mining: Many different materials can be obtained by mining ore veins in Lost Ark. The main material of value is ordinary stone. They are used to improve expeditionary territories, so there will be a market for these products at an early stage. However, after the North American/EU launch, the mining industry will not generate much revenue. You can also use materials for fusion, which we'll dive into in another article.
  • Hunting: The hunting trade skill in Lost Ark is essentially the typical skinning class you see in other games. Materials can be used to fuse materials again, so items like shiny leather might be helpful to you and others.
  • Fishing: Fishing in Lost Ark is set up in much the same way as many other MMOs like World of Warcraft. You'll find a fishing spot, drop your bait, and once a fish bites, you'll see an exclamation mark, right-click, and you've caught it!
  • Foraging: Foraging is one of the best ways to earn money in Lost Ark. This is used to make potions that almost everyone needs.
  • Logging: Logging, similar to mining, depreciates the value of its materials overtime after the game launches. Logging in to Lost Ark is essentially felling trees and harvesting wood. You can still use and sell generic logs as they are used to improve expedition territories.
  • Digging: Digging is a niche trade skill in Lost Ark that not many people study in depth. It will be interesting to try it out and see if you can find some valuable treasure.



Lost Ark: Leveling Guide

Leveling is an essential part of Lost Ark. Because much of the game revolves around endgame daily quests, raids, and PvP content. If you want to get there fast, there's an easy way.

If you don't care about the story, don't want to do all the quests, or level up quickly. Then you need to focus on the main task. Skip certain chain quests and adventure quests to unlock new abilities and permanent status potions.

It takes about 15-20 hours to reach level 50.

You'll get to a point where you won't get a new main quest and have to find the Ark. Instead, you'll get world quests that are a new main questline.


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Lost Ark: What level do I choose for the advanced course?

You can choose an advanced course at level 10.



Lost Ark: Dungeon Guide

Dungeons can be found through the most important storyline and are instantiated, although you can solo anything in Hardmode or Normal. In Hardmode, you'll get better rewards, but since you'll be racing through gear, it's not necessary to complete them in Hardmode.

  • Complete dungeons in normal mode to speed up the leveling up.
  • You'll be able to finish dungeons alone or with mates.
  • Once in the dungeon, you cannot use mounts but jump over certain enemy groups. They won't follow you indefinitely.
  • Most dungeons have a giant raid boss at the end of the dungeon. These can be solo'd.
  • You can find my check scroll secret dungeon somewhere.



Lost Ark: PvP Guide

You can play PvP starting at level 27 in Lost Ark's current live patch, although we're unsure if this will apply to the upcoming closed beta and the whole game's western version. Initially, you must reach level 50 to participate in PvP. Regardless, PvP is an essential part of the final stage. Although ranked 3v3 Arena is the most popular, there are different game modes.

  • All gears are equalized. PvP is very balanced in this way.
  • Different classes behave differently in PvP than in PvE.
  • The last game is divided into PvP and PvE content material. You'll find things to perform for both varieties of video games.



Lost Ark: Quest Types


Main Quest: 

It is instantly accepted from the prologue and is the fundamental job that varieties the basis from the continuation with the key story and the improvement of your characters. During the main quest, Find the Ark, you will continue on the world quest.


World Quest: 

When you leave Luterra and start your voyage, you can continue the main story on several continents through world quests. Please note that some content might not be out there if you haven't finished globe quests.


General Quest: 

You may accept them via the NPCs in just about every spot. You can hear information about the site or the stories of the people around you.


Chain Quest: 

Some quests are classified as chain quests, where a linked story continues in sequence. Most of the time, they offer permanent status potions as a reward.


Dungeon Quest: 

This quest is automatically accepted when you enter the dungeon. Note that you cannot enter the dungeon and continue the quest until you have completed the prerequisites for the main quest. Even if it is completed once, you will automatically accept the task each time you enter the dungeon, and leaving the dungeon will automatically clear the quest.


Adventure Quest: 

You could accept it from NPCs positioned on continents and islands identified even though sailing. For example, when you complete some adventure quests, you will have the opportunity to earn tokens for islands or build rapport with NPCs. Some journey missions can only be accepted and continued as soon as per the "account" unit, known as "account missions".


Rapport Quest: 

By increasing your intimacy with NPCs, you'll be able to hear hidden stories that cannot be learned through existing missions alone. You can even earn special rewards as your intimacy increases.


Sudden Quest: 

The task will automatically be accepted in a zone if certain conditions are met. Task failure is conditional, such as time limit or prohibition to go to other areas. If the quest fails, it will be automatically deleted from the task list.


Cooperative Quest: 

This is a quest you must compete with other adventurers. After the mission start notification, the mission area is displayed on the world map, and the cooperative mission is automatically accepted when entering the area. Rewards are paid based upon the contribution made, and when the donation is reduced, the compensation may not be invested.


Daily Quest: 

You can complete up to 3 daily quests per day. The number of quests that can be completed resets every day at 6 am. You can accept quests through Una's quests quest panel (Alt + J).


Weekly Quest: 

You can complete up to 3 weekly quests per week. The number of quests that can be completed will be reset at 6:00 every day. You can accept quests through Una's quests quest panel (Alt + J).




That's all for the new player's guide. This article will benefit you if you want to go further in the game. Finally, I hope you can have the best gaming experience in the game.

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