Lost Ark: The complete guide to platinum fields

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In Lost Ark, Platinum Fields are instanced places where you can practice your trading skills without losing energy. If you want to know and master everything about Platinum Fields, then the following is your best choice.



What is the Platinum Fields?

Platinum Fields are instanced places where you can practice your trading skills without losing energy. To enter a Platinum Course, all members of the group must have an Entry: Platinum Course.

When you get your first ticket, you will receive the quest public Announcement: Platinum Field, which will unlock the Platinum Field.

You can randomly get The Ticket or Entrance to the Platinum Field by doing Lost Ark Trade Skills outside of the Platinum Fields, basically doing life skills/trading skills in Arkesia.

You have 15 minutes to farm. You will need to provide packages each time you deliver a package in the platinum fields. You might obtain a collection buff and movement speed and much more durability in the tools. The collection nodes will also be visible again to continue farming.

These packages have durability. If the monsters hit you 4 or 5 times, the package will break, and you'll go back and find a further 1.



What's the Benefit of going to the Platinum Fields?

You can practice your enterprise expertise without losing power. Trade ability power could be the green bar above the trade skill menu (use B to open it). The downsides are that you are not going to get any trading talent encounter, and you will require a ticket to enter each time. After inside, you only have 15 minutes.



There are two different platinum fields


Nahun's Domain

  • Harvest
  • Felling
  • Mining


Ancient Canal of Yudia

  • Fishing
  • Hunt
  • Excavation



Domain of Nahun – Recommendation 3 – 4 Players

To start, divide the map into as many parts as there are players. This can be performed to prevent players from taking the same resource nodes. You will notice that some resource nodes have a wooden sign in front of them. 

This is because collecting those types of nodes will drop a particular item. 

You can take them to the Entrance and receive an additional reward. You will get a Platinum Field Gathering Material Pack for each item you carry.

  • Means
  • Wild
  • Flower Delicate Wild
  • Flower Luscious Wild Flower
  • Vulgar
  • Mushroom Lush
  • Mushroom Exquisite Mushroom
  • Wood
  • Soft
  • Wood Hard Wood
  • Iron
  • Ore Heavy Iron
  • Ore Strong Iron Ore


When a party member turns in 4 of these materials/packages, a secret cave will open


Where the best Mining and Gathering Nodes will be Once another member delivers four more items/packages, a Secret Island will open

There you will find a chest full of materials. It is a straightforward way to obtain these materials.

While you load and carry the items/packages, it is recommended that you run so that the monsters do not hit you because if they hit you five times, the items you are carrying will break, and you will have to go back to look for another.

As you deliver the items, you will have Buff and Improvements.

The more players you have in your group, the easier it will be to unlock these buffs.



Ancient Channel of Yudia – Recommendation 3 – 4 Players

Yudia's Vestusto canal can be divided into two halves. 

Half up for theHunt the bottom half for excavation and fishing

  • Means
  • Raw
  • Meat Treated Meat
  • Strong Leather
  • Fish
  • Red Meat Fish
  • Natural Pearl
  • Ancient
  • Relic Rare Relic

To take full advantage of this platinum field, you must be at least level 30 of these trading skills.

Like Nahun's Domain, you'll also find items you can turn in for unique benefits. These perks are not worth as substantially as the other people, so it is as important as you whether you wish to go alone or within a group.

Benefits include access to chests with unique gems that can be exchanged for rare materials in the Trade skill material exchange  NPC.


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